Commissioning New Services Solutions

Before registering a new service,

  • be clear about the application you are making
  • have all the required information ready
  • understand the requirements of the legislation
  • be able to explain and show how you will follow the regulations

You will need to attend interviews and answer questions. Your buildings must be ready when the inspector undertakes the registration site visit. Your nominated individual and proposed registered manager will also need to be involved. If you’re an individual provider, you do not need a registered manager.

As well as general preparation, you’ll need specific pieces of information. For example, you’ll need Disclosure and Barring Service checks countersigned by CQC. You must get these before you can submit your application. It can take weeks for you to compile and organise this information. You should factor this into your planning from the outset

LSW can support and guide you through the registration process and help you identify your mission statement, values and the type of regulated activity(s) you will be providing.


Need Help To Register A New Service?

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