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LSW Care Solutions can provide a robust review of your organisation or service.

Many small businesses start with a flat structure, which consists of the owner and several key employees working together to manage the production, marketing, sales, financial and human resources operations of the company. There are no managers, with the owner making all or most of the important decisions. This structure does not have layers of employees, such as directors, managers and coordinators.

functional structure divides your organisation by task, such as operations, Quality and Governance HR, marketing and sales. Companies with this structure create departments with dedicated managers and an employee hierarchy. To oversee these departments and their managers, businesses might create a “C-Suite,” which consists of a management team with a chief executive officer, chief operating officer and chief financial officer.

Whatever size and structure of your organisation we will analyse your organisational chart, analyse your processes and procedures and make recommendations based on the expertise of key experts who have worked within a variety of Health and Social Care organisations at senior levels. This includes the NHS, the private sector as well as charities.

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