Policies and Procedures Solutions

In order to register a new service, you will need to evidence a suite of policies and procedures. If you are already registered then your policies and procedures must comply with regulations, reflect best practice and ultimately be accessible to your staff and service users.

Creating and maintaining your own suite of policies can be time-consuming and very daunting. It can be difficult to have a number of key experts such as Clinical, Human Resources and Information Governance for example who have the time and the skills to develop policies that reflect your organisation. At LSW Care solutions, our experts can provide bespoke policies and procedures specific to your organisation. We have experience in many sectors including elderly care, children’s services, mental health and learning disabilities, primary care, secure services and hospitals/NHS.  Our team of experts have very specific areas of expertise so you can be rest assured that polices will reflect relevant legislation and meet regulations. We can also work with specific members of the organisations to ensure they reflect the nuances of your organisation.

In addition to staff, we can provide Easy Read polices and materials meeting the Accessible Information Standard which is aimed at your service users/customers with communication needs.

Looking For Policies And Procedures?

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