Our Testimonials

LSW Care Solutions, led by a Senior Health and Social Care professional and Registered Nurse, provides support and expertise across all Health and Social Care sectors.

Unfading Care Ltd

Laura has a wealth of knowledge that comes from many years of experience in the Care sector. As we were getting to grips with setting up our care company, Unfading Care Ltd, we particularly appreciated her no-nonsense type of approach, combined with her strong work ethic and encouraging manner. Laura was a real answer to prayer. We had lodged an initial application with to the Care Inspectorate and we had received a reply with a long list of negative feedback. We felt discouraged as we had never registered a care company before. In came Laura, through a series of unusual events, and she agreed to be both our Mentor and Consultant as we navigated the choppy waters of getting our company registered. She held our hand and gave us very clear direction, whereby we felt not only much relieved but also very encouraged! She also gave us help with our policies and recruitment. We therefore strongly recommend taking Laura on board, you won’t regret it. In short, she is an expert with a heart of gold.

Directors Jose Mendes and Jennifer Du Plessis
Unfading Care Ltd
Date: 06/05/2021

Colin Doyle

Laura’s knowledge and experience in recent years has been focused upon the CQC Key Lines Of Enquiry and working to achieve excellence in service standards. She has experience in developing robust Quality Governance systems that underpin the ongoing monitoring and audit of management systems, therefore ensuring standards are always met in real-time, and not just periodically.

Her analytical skills and ability to see the larger picture, and communicate that succinctly that sets Laura apart for many others in her field of work.

Retired Senior Mental Health Practitioner & Former Director of Governance & Compliance
Date: 28/10/2020

Rekha Sharma

“Laura has a fantastic understanding of how the care sector operates and the regulatory framework. She is able to identify things that are doing well whilst balancing these against improvements that may be required. She has a fantastic understanding of all things Coronial and has a sound methodical/analytical approach.”

Associate Solicitor
Date: 06/08/2020

Krista Brewer

“Laura has an exceptional, wide-reaching knowledge of CQC fundamental standards covering both strategic and operational levels and as a registered nurse brings together an overall picture of a competent and knowledgeable practitioner. I have had the privilege of working alongside Laura for the past year and during this time Laura, as the Director of Quality and Compliance has led and driven the implementation of the quality strategy, embedding systems and process to ensure that Quality within the organisation is supported with a comprehensive framework and threaded throughout. Laura is friendly, approachable, and underpins the work she does with a moral compass. I wish Laura well in her new adventure and add that Laura was an asset to the organisation.”

Head of Care
Date: 05/08/2020

Adam Frazier

“I’m lucky to have worked with Laura, a manager that’s not only interested in the company but in her employee’s professional growth. Laura worked as my Director in Care, Quality & Compliance and would consider her an expert and highly respected in her field. I’ve seen Laura create a Quality Assurance Framework, Policy & Procedures, robust audit tools, and working collaboratively with other key stakeholders to achieve better outcomes. Laura was always very approachable, professional, and a problem solver. I would strongly recommend Laura to any organisation focused on striving to Improve Quality & Compliance.”

Quality & Compliance Manager
Date: 30/07/2020

Mark Webb-Austin

“I worked alongside Laura, both as directors in a not for profit organisation. Laura is a consummate professional, with in-depth knowledge of quality and compliance in the health and social care sectors. As a dual registered nurse, she is also up to date and clinically astute, with a passion for person-centered care and support.’’

Director Of Operations
Date: 20/07/2020

Jimmy Song

“It was a great pleasure to assist Laura in her accomplishments for a number of challenges and changes to uplift the group’s key care quality standards and ratings during the year of 2016. Laura is a fully qualified expert specialised in H&SC quality inspection, compliance and improvements with many years’ experience and I have no hesitation to recommend her to anyone who is willing to entrust her with lead responsibilities over the quality assurance and compliance journey.”

Systems and Analysis Manager
Date: 15/05/2018

Marie Greenberry

“It was my pleasure to manage Laura whilst she was the Regulation & Compliance Manager at Danshell, and I can honestly say she was a great appointment and a real asset to our governance team. Laura has exceptional knowledge of regulation and compliance, which enabled her to undertake her role effectively. She undertook robust service reviews and provided evidence-based reports, which helped services develop. Laura’s feedback following reviews was assertive and sensitive, ensuring the manager was left feeling inspired to develop the service rather than feeling deflated. She understands quality and would be an asset in any quality, compliance, or managerial role.”

Director of Nursing and Governance
Date: 06/08/2017

Paul Hill

“Laura is a hardworking and effective clinician and leader who managed to successfully balance the quality of service delivery with leading a team and managing a nursing home on a day to day basis. Fundamental to the start-up of a complex nursing care service, Laura was successful in developing professional networks and generating new business through the reputation of the quality of the services provided.”

Managing Director
Date: 16/06/2013